Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Gaming HeadsetTurtle Beach XO One Review

Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: November 29, 2014

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Finally, a decent reasonably priced headset that is dedicated to the Xbox One from Turtle Beach.  I was underwhelmed by the performance of the XO Four and the XO Seven is a bit pricey.  The XO One has some nice basic features, connects well to the Xbox One and is a great headset to get started at a great price. I’d like to give you an idea of what’s the Turtle Beach Xo One and why you should look at this headset.

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The Build

The XO One is a bit smaller than the headsets that I’m used to seeing from Turtle Beach.  While still sporting 50mm drivers that produce good well powered sound, the earcups have been downsized a bit.  They are supposed to be circumaural but I found that they did not go all the way around my ears but sat on top. The completely plastic build seems like it will hold up quite well.  It remains to be seen if this is true.  

The top of the headset is cushioned, this also is a bit less cushion than other Turtle Beach products but seems to be sufficient for the light weight of the headset. The ear cups are also a bit reduced in the cushion.  There seems to be enough for a comfortable fit and like all of the Turtle Beach headsets have a nice black fabric covering the foam.  No worries about sweaty ears with this stuff, it allows nicely for air flow.

This is an economy headset, it seems that some of the corners have been cut to make this fit into the price point.  There don’t appear to be any serious compromises though, just a bit of downsizing and economy of materials.

This does seem to be a well built headset and should give good service.

Inside the Box

Inside the box you get a plastic form fitted cover for the headset.  The headset comes with the wiring attached to connect to your Xbox controller.  Just a short wire to go from the headset to the controller.  Next you have the detachable mic.  This plugs in to a port on the left earcup.  There is a MicroUSB cable to install software updates (from A windows 7 or better computer).  Of course, there is a Quick Start Guide and Turtle Beach Sticker included as well.

The last item is the Ear Force XO Headset Audio controller.  This plugs in to your Xbox Gaming Controller and accepts the plug from the headset.  This is a redesign of the standard Xbox Audio controller.  It has some nice rubberized buttons.  The right one is for Volume and the other gives you balance between chat volume and game volume.  There is a mute button for the microphone and a 3 position toggle for the mic monitor. Finally a 3 position toggle for Bass Boost (Off, Low, High).

The Mic

 The mic for this XO One headset is detachable.  This is a nice feature but hey, when I’m gaming, I’m using the mic so there isn’t a reason to take it off.  It does make it nice to pack for when you are heading out to the LAN parties.

What I really like about this mic is the adjustable mic monitor. You can choose to turn it off, or have a low or high feature.  When you are setting this up or in a loud game you can quickly adjust it to hear better.

The Sound

Most of the Turtle Beach headsets that I’ve tried have a nice Bass Boost.  These are no exception.  The Bass actually has 3 levels.  I found that just the low setting was plenty of punch for my liking.  Cranking it up to the high setting overpowered the rest of the ranges.  The highs coming out of this set are great as well.  Mid-range is a bit poor but the sound out of this low priced headset is quite a bit better than any other that I’ve tried in this price range.

As long as you are not expecting super quality sound, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  They do well in every game that I’ve tried them with.

Final Thoughts

The XO One headset is a nice quality set for the price.  The compromises that have been made to keep the price down are good tradeoffs and provide a good headset at an exceptional price.  My only question is, why haven’t you got yours yet?

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox One and Mobile Devices (TBS-2218-01)

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