Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset Creative Labs Fatal1ty Gaming Headset Review

Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: November 28, 2014

Rating: creative labs fatal1ty Ratingcreative labs fatal1ty Ratingcreative labs fatal1ty Ratingcreative labs fatal1ty Ratingcreative labs fatal1ty Rating (2 / 5)


I got my hands on a Creative Labs Fatal1ty Gaming Headset just to see how good it really is.  As one of the higher rated economy headsets available, I wanted to see how it measured up.  I was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality of this headset. I will try to answer the question “What’s the Creative Labs Fatal1ty Gaming Headset” to the best of my ability in this review.

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The Build

In general, this headset is a cheap build.  This is what you would expect at this price point but overall, for the price, this is pretty well made.  The earpieces are nice and soft, the plastic headband is well cushioned and somewhat flexible.  The detachable mic is a nice feature.  The silver writing that describes the functions of the buttons and controls is hard to read as it blends into the background.  If you learn where the buttons are, you are not looking at them much so this isn’t a huge detriment.

The set I got, seemed to work nicely out of the box.  I’ve seen some reports of these headsets breaking after a few months.  Some lose sound in one earpiece, some have wires break.  They do seem to be a bit fragile compared to many of the others that I’ve checked out.

Inside the Box

Inside the box, you have nothing special.  The package includes the headset and detachable microphone.  The inline volume control is included attached to the feed wiring.

Connections and Console Compatibility

Connecting the HS-800 version of the Fatal1ty headsets is through the 3.5mm wired connector.  These are compatible with PCs. Wiring to PS3 and PS4 can be done with additional adapter wiring but needs to be wired through the TV for the HS-800 to work.

The Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB  headsets are available with USB connections and are compatible with all gaming systems.

 The Mic

 Detachable and sound cancelling, this feature works well. There is an on/off , mute feature included on the inline volume control, so you do have control of the mic if you need to turn it off to talk with people in the room with you.  The sound from the mic is very nice, no pops or hissing are evident.  This is due to the soft protective layer at the pick-up end of the mic.  I wish all headsets did this well with their microphones.  The mic on this headset is very well thought out and performs well.

The Sound

 I was pleasantly surprise when I played these headsets.  The sound clarity is quite good and the enhanced bass give some impact to the sound.  The volume from the 40mm drivers is not quite as loud as many I’ve tried but is adequate in most cases.  I was impressed by the rich sound coming from these.  I have tried many economy headsets and these perform much better than most in this price range.


I had expected from the reviews of this product to find that this headset was an over the ear (circumaural).  I found that these sat well on the ear but were not large enough to fit over the ear.  I think you need to have 50mm drivers for a comfortable over the ear fit.  These are available with the Turtle Beach headsets but were lacking with these.

I also found that this headset was way to tight.  I had a serious head banger going after about an hour in these.  I had hoped for a much better fit.  After break-in, the fit was still too tight.  Just not at all a comfortable experience for long sessions. This was a deal breaker for me.

Final Thoughts

While the price point for the Creative Sound Fatal1ty Gaming Headset is attractive, there are enough negatives with this headset that I really can’t recommend them highly.  The fit, I just could not live with.  These went back for a refund.

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset

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