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Top Three PS4 Compatible Headsets

Review Author: Craig H

Review Date: November 22, 2013

Summary: If you have an existing PS3 headset, you are going to quickly discover that you have to

have an adapter for many of them to work on the PS4. Now, the really bad news is that while Sony has

announced that they will be developing such an adapter, currently they do not have an estimated date

of delivery. So that leaves many gamers wondering exactly which headsets will work on the PS4 straight

out of the box. Here are the top three headsets that will work for the new PS4 right out of the box with

no modifications needed.


DPX21 Surround Sound HeadsetPS4 Compatible Headset #1 – Turtlebeach Earforce DPX21

First and foremost this headset is a nice low cost unit that works out of the box with the PS4. Simply hook it up and you’re ready to go. Here’s a quick breakdown of its features and benefits for ya.

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The Good:

  •  Lightweight and comfortable allowing you to use it for long periods of time without it killing your ears
  •  Has in chat and game sound sliding control so you can separate game sounds from chat
  • Has a mic mute switch so you can turn your voice off while talking to others in the room
  •  Microphone comes across clear but not so loud that your teammates will go deaf
  •  Features an amplifier and equalizer so that you can isolate sounds such as footsteps so you don’t find yourself surprised by an ambush
  •  Nice entry set for around $100

The Bad:

  •  Mainly comprised of plastic components so it feels a little cheap
  •  Plastic composition will break if you step on it accidentally

Logitech G35 Gamin Headset| PS4 CompatiblePS4 Compatible Headset #2 – Logitech G35

Another great entry level set that will let you plug right in and go. While these aren’t specifically designed to be used with the PS4, they will work right out of the box and can double as PC gear. They look and feel very sturdy, perhaps even too sturdy. Check out the list below.

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The Good:

  •  Durable design that uses metal framing with plastic support.
  •  Customizable head pads so you can adjust the length of the set.
  •  Multiple locking side positions for even more adjustments.
  •  Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound means you KNOW which direction an attack is coming from.
  •  Great isolation of game sound from room sound. The OH said she was talking to me for 5 minutes before I heard her.
  •  You are able to hear your own voice over the set so you can adjust your own voice volume.
  •  The microphone is able to be muted.
  •  Great entry pricing at around $100.

The Bad:

  •  They may be too solid. After about 2 hours of use these puppies started to hurt!
  •  It has been reported that the left speaker has quit functioning on some sets.
  •  Another complaint is that the microphone hinge fails and begins to droop on its own. It’s also been stated that this doesn’t affect sound transmission

COD Ghosts SpectrePS4 Compatible Headset #3 – Turtlebeach COD Ghosts: Spectre

This one is a limited edition headset that was made for the launch of COD Ghosts. While it is slightly higher than the other two sets, it does work well for the PS4 right out of the box.

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The Good:

  •  Offers crystal clear 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound letting you know where your attacker is coming from
  •  Multiple audio sliders for game sound, chat, and even how loud your own voice is in your headset
  • Flexible boom mic which lets you set exactly where you want the mic to be
  • Clear microphone sound which lets you chat clearly while not being ridiculously loud
  •  Lightweight and features a padded headband which makes them comfortable to wear for hours at a time without pain
  •  Sweet COD Ghosts emblem on the cans….need I say more?
  • Many adjustable features on the headband and cans which lets you set the fit to you specifically

The Bad:

  •  Another cheap feeling build
  •  Many have said that the cable can become frayed easily. While this can occur, both Turtlebeach and Amazon will replace sets if it becomes an issue

While more headsets are sure to come down the pipeline in the coming months, these are the ones topping the charts at the moment. Check them out and look for additional reviews here.