Earforce Z11 HeadsetTurtle Beach Z11 Review

Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: October 5, 2014

Rating: Z11 RatingZ11 RatingZ11 RatingZ11 RatingZ11 Rating (3 / 5)

Summary:  This headset is the economy model of the Turtle Beach line. With that said, the build quality is quite good. The sound is good, the large 50mm earcups fit nicely but do require a bit of time to “break in” to your head. As they are worn more, they actually become more comfortable. Since these are wired and don’t have the DSS included you won’t get any directional sound but the stereo sound is perfectly adequate. This is a good affordable starter headset.

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Wired for sound

The Earforce Z11 is an inexpensive starter headset with descent sound and an above average microphone.  The angled 50 mm drivers provide all the sound that you could ever want.  I have never even come close to running these at full volume.  Given the price point you will find that these provide a nice soundscape.  Of course it could be better but in this price range you probably won’t find better.

The Z11 is built solidly.  It is plastic so don’t expect it to survive an earthquake but it is solidly built and can withstand a bit of abuse in the normal realm of gaming.  The wire to your PC or Mac is short enough that you won’t be running over it with you chair and the mute button is well placed where it can be reached.

The microphone works well but without all the bells and whistles of the higher end models.



This Z11 headset is about as comfortable as they come.  The oversized 50mm drivers in the earcups allow for an over the ear fit. The foam ear cushions can be a bit uncomfortable until they wear in but the foam adjusts as you use them and soon are customized to your head.  Once this early adjustment has occurred, these are some of the most comfortable headsets you will find.  The mesh cover on the earcups will allow them to breath nicely.  There’s nothing worse than slimy ears.

The higher end headsets have controls for volume and  various features embedded on the outside of the earcups.  These have none of that, just a volume and mute button on the cord.  They do have an enhanced bass  feature built in to give you a visceral gaming experience but as this is the economy version, the higher end features have not been included with the Z11.


The microphone that comes with this headset is an omnidirectional mic.  It does not include the filtering feature so you might find that it picks up a bit of background noise.  It does a nice job picking out your voice and presenting it to the game though.  Often the lower end headsets have problems with the mic cutting out or adding pops and crackles.  These are not present with this mic.  Just nice clear sound.


Turtle beach z11 drivers inside the earcups are oversized compared to most of the competing headsets.  Turtle Beach has installed 50mm drivers into this headset.  Most of the competition use 40mm drivers.  This provides a much better sound experience not only in volume but the midrange and highs as well.  By operating at a level closer to the center of the range, the quality of the sound is much better.  These are not audiophile headsets but have been optimized for gaming and they do quite well in this respect.



The Turtle Beach Z11s are designed to work with PC, Mac and Mobile gaming systems.  They can be connected to some of the gaming consoles but were not specifically designed to do this.  You will need to work out special cabling to connect to the consoles.


  • Economical
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Wired so there’s no need to worry about changing the battery
  • Good sound quality
  • Reliable Microphone


  • No Compatibility with PS4 or Xbox One.
  • The mic doesn’t have the dynamic chat boost or background filtering
  • No added features like those present in the higher-end units

Final Word

The Turtle Beach Z11 headset is a well designed stripped down version of the higher-end headsets.  Taking the best features for a basic headset and omitting all the bells and whistles has allowed Turtle Beach to provide an excellent economical headset that will start the new gamer out.  You will be pleased to get hold of these.

Earforce Z11 Headset


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