Turtle Beach XP510 Headset

Turtle Beach XP510 Review

Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: December 13, 2013

Rating: Ear Force XP 510 RatingEar Force XP 510 RatingEar Force XP 510 RatingEar Force XP 510 RatingEar Force XP 510 Rating (4.0 / 5)


Headsets have come a long way since the early days.

They were little plasticy things with tinny sound and a toy like appearance and were fragile and easily breakable.  Comfort was rudimentary at best.

The XP 510 is a quantum leap from the early headsets.  This high-end gaming headset has just about everything that you might want. In this Turtle Beach XP510 review, I’ll cover the features, the compatibility and the overall experience that this headset provides.  If you are ready for the ultimate sound experience with your games, this headset will knock your socks off.

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When you unbox the XP 510, after removing the sleeve and opening the black shiny box, you immediately see the headset and the digital RF wireless transmitter.  Taking these out of the box,  you’ll find another small box that contains the cables.  Included in the cable box are the XBA Bluetooth Chat Adapter, the microphone, a Transmitter Power Cable, the Headset Charging Cable which can be used while the headset is in use, a Mobile Device Cable, the Digital Optical Cable and finally a USB Data Cable. Also included in the box are two guides for the quickstart and preset references and some turtle beach decorative stickers.

These headsets feel a bit bulky when you first put them on.  Spend a bit of time with them on your head and you will be impressed.  They don’t feel overly heavy, the cushioning feels good on the headband with cross stitched reinforcement and the ear cups with breathable fabric padding to keep your head cool while playing.  The 50mm drivers allow the ear cups to go around your ear instead of sitting on the ear like some of the competitor’s products. One nice additional feature is that the ear cups rotate to allow you to put them around your neck and allows them to sit nicely on your shoulders when you are not using them.


The XP510 is designed for wireless communication and has several ways to make this happen.  The dual channel ( 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) Wi-Fi ensures that you will have interference free communication by automatically selecting the frequency with the best connection and least interference.  Bluetooth is available to connect to your phone and a controller dongle is included(XBA Bluetooth Chat Adapter) to allow the microphone connection and make your chat functions wirelessly as well.  Two devices can be connected to the Bluetooth at the same time.

The Wi-Fi transmitter connects to your console via an optical cable for lossless communication.  Power is handled by a USB power connection.  Set-up for the headset should be instantaneous since it is paired at the factory.  It is fairly simple to re-pair the headset if this has somehow been mucked up by the factory.


The Earcups contain all the controls that you could possibly want on this headset.  The Left side contains the main button, power and presets for the game and chat.  A programmable control switch and Game volume control are reached from the bottom of the earcup.  There is also a talkback cable jack should you choose to use a cabled talkback instead of the Bluetooth.

On the Right Earcup, the Bluetooth volume is controlled with two buttons + and -, the Bluetooth Multifunction button  and mic mute button fill out the buttons.  The charge status light and a USB port are reached from the bottom of the earcup.

The transmitter has two dedicated LEDs to indicate the digital input and Dolby functions and  two additional buttons to turn on the Surround Sound and adjust the Surround Angles to your headset.  A Fifth button/LED indicates power and is used when pairing is required.

The back of the transmitter provides the connections and a master volume dial.  If you are using the Optical cable the Digital connections are here, if an RCA jack is used these are also provided for connection to this style cable.  The USB power cable plugs in as well.

Battery Life

With any wireless headset, battery life is a concern.  These will last you 15 hours of continuous play and then, when they are running low, you can plug them in and keep right on playing.  A battery low nag will drive you bonkers when they are running low but this goes away when they are plugged in and charging.  So don’t worry about interrupting your game.  Grab a Dew, plug and go.


What about the sound? These are after all Gaming Headsets!

These are some of the best performing headsets I have ever tried on.  Originally designed for gaming, they are perfectly designed for this medium.  The presets and Surround Sound works perfectly.  Want to hear people sneaking up on you from behind.  Got that in a preset.  Need to enhance the bass and rock your socks off.  It’s in there.  There are 8 presets in game mode  Flat (no surround sound), Bass Boost (enhanced low range), Treble Boost(high range boost for greater clarity and crisper sounds), Bass and Treble Boost (combination of high and low frequency boost), Stereo expander (3D effects for subtle audio clues), action enhancer (Amplify intense sounds), Footstep Focus(hear enemies sneaking up on you), and finally Superhuman( Boosts low volume sounds).

In addition to the Gaming Mode, there are Movie and Music Modes and another 8 chat mode presets, you can customize just about every possible sound that you hear for a seriously impressive audio experience.

The Music sounds absolutely fantastic through these classical to hard Rock, these headsets perform beautifully.  Put them in Movie Mode and the action and backgrounds pop.  Godzilla never sounded so good.  One hitch I found in movie mode though is during quiet scenes.  The threshold to automatically turn off the headsets when not in use can get confused  an shut off during the movie.  A bit of a pain but turning them back on isn’t difficult just annoying.

The clarity and quality of these headsets are just beyond compare.  High range is crystal clear and bright, bass rumble is exceptional and reverberates right to your toes.  So if its Call of Duty Ghosts, or Gran Turismo 6 your sound experience will be what you want to hear.

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