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Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 420XReview Author:Craig H

Review Date: November 21, 2015

Rating: Turtle Beach EarForce 420X Wireless headset RatingTurtle Beach EarForce 420X Wireless headset RatingTurtle Beach EarForce 420X Wireless headset RatingTurtleTurtle Beach EarForce 420X Wireless headset Rating (3.5 / 5)


I snagged a set of theTurtle Beach Stealth 420X  wireless gaming headsets.  I wanted to see how these measured up to what I’ve seen before.  I was modestly impressed, they seem to be pretty well-built for Turtle Beach.  I checked out the reviews and there were some complaints that they broke soon after purchase, but I didn’t have that experience.  You can read the full turtle beach 420 X review to get my full impression.

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 Inside the Box

Turtle Beach has provided their standard packaging for this product.  The earforce stealth 420X is prominently displayed in the box when you open it, removing the headset you’ll find some smaller containers.  The most important part that you’ll find next is the EarforceStealth 420X wireless transmitter and you’ll also find a USB charging cable.  You also find that the mic is unattached and in the box.  Finally, there is a mobile cable with an in-line mic.  The in-line mic is necessary because you’re plugging this into the same port that you would attach the microphone.

The stealth 420 X is designed to work wirelessly and seamlessly with the Xbox one but if you want to use it with the PS four you’ll need to use the wired alternative.

The Build

The Earforce Stealth 420X as a build quality with middle-of-the-road.  It is made of plastic, there are no metal parts.  This makes them light, which is a good thing, but it also makes him a little bit more fragile.  Overall I think the quality of the build is there, I have only used them for a short time so it remains to be seen if they will hold up over the long run, I see no reason why they wouldn’t.

The ear cups have a fake leather cushion. Initially, these were a bit uncomfortable but as they warmed up to my ears, they conform nicely.  These are over the ear so if you have big ear flaps you might find the fit a bit difficult.  The fit was good, they were so tight that they gave me headaches or crunched my ears around my glasses.

Overall I think the build quality is pretty good, I do see some complaints on Amazon about them breaking but I’ve never had a Turtle Beach headset break on me yet.  I think these are just fan boys of other products.

The Mic

the Stealth 420X comes with a detachable mic.  You can’t flip this one up out of the way, but it does have a flexible mic boom that will let you move it out of the way if you need to do that.  I only use my headsets at home, so once I put the mic in place it doesn’t come off again.

Mike has a good response, but it isn’t a noise canceling mic so it will pick up background noise.  The best feature is the mic monitor.  I know I find myself shouting when I don’t have it, it’s nice to be able to see how you sound others.  It’s just a little thing, but it makes a big difference in your experience.  There is a separate chat volume, so you can boost up your sound online even if you have to talk quietly when the OH is sleeping.

The Sound

The Stealth 420X is a stereo headset.  It does not work with the DSS2 so you can’t get surround sound out of this one.  However, I really like the sound.  It has a good bass boost and it has four presets, so if you like to have extra bass you can choose one of the EQ settings.  There are four EQ settings, the first one is bass boost, the next one boosts both the base and the treble.  There is one called natural sound seems to be a flat EQ.  And the last one is a boost for the midrange for voices.

I think the natural sound seems to be best for general music listening, for FPS, I like to add a bit of additional bass.  I don’t hear a lot of difference when I boost the vocal channel, and my hearing in the upper range sucks so I didn’t hear a difference with the bass and treble boost.

Overall, this sounds good, it’s certainly not the quality of some of the higher end Sennheisers, but it’s certainly better than all of the low-end stuff out there.  It’s designed to be a middle-of-the-road headset with a few extra features, and I think they’ve done this pretty well.

Final Thoughts

I like this headset enough to keep it around, but then I have a lot of headsets that I use, this would not be my first go to.  If you’re just getting started with gaming headsets and you need a good utility headset that will serve you well and you really want to have wireless, this is a pretty good one.  It is specifically designed for the Xbox one. So if you’re using the other platforms you might want to look around some more.

Turtle Beach Ear Force 420X

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 420X

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