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Rating: Turtle Beach Recon 50 RatingTurtle Beach Recon 50 RatingTurtle Beach Recon 50 RatingTurtle Beach Recon 50 RatingTurtle Beach Recon 50 Rating (4.0 / 5)

Turlte Beach  Ear Force Recon 50Summary: I picked up a Turtle Beach Recon 50 to see if a low-cost stripped down headset could be worthwhile. Even though this headset only has 40mm drivers, the sound is very impressive. Read the full Turtle Beach Recon 50 review to get the full scoop on this headset.


 Inside the Box

When I looked in the box of the Turtle Beach Recon 50 the packaging is good.  A customized pressboard pack holds everything in its place.  On top when you open the box, there is a package with a double 3.5mm adapter to a single input.  The Microphone is also packaged on the top of the box.

Pull out the cardboard packing and you find the headset attached with twist ties and the single cable with an inline volume and mute switch molded into the cable.


The Build

There is no way around this, this is an economical headset.  The build of this does look a bit fragile. It seems to be nicely proportioned and it fits well but is made entirely of plastic.  There is no metal in this headset. Will it hold up over time?  Everything seems to be well made and rigid enough for the long haul.  It remains to be seen how well it will hold up.

The ear cups are faux leather.  They feel like a nice deerskin.  They are closed all around so you don’t need to worry about outside noise.  You can focus on your game.

The top of the Recon 50 has a minimal cushion but it seems to be plenty for comfort.  The side adjustments have a nice click when you adjust the height.  If it holds up, it should be well worth the price. Even if it doesn’t, you are spending under $40 bucks so you’re still ahead.

The Mic

Headphones to Headset, is a breeze, the included microphone plugs into the left earcup with a pleasant little click to show its seated.  The microphone has a flexible boom and can be adjusted to just about any position you like.  The noise canceling mic has a foam cover to quiet the sibilant “s” sounds (hissing) and get rid of pops. 

The performance of the mic is pretty good.  Like most gaming headsets, it isn’t something you want to record music with but for in-game sound, it works well.  With the Recon 50, the mute button is on the in-line control.  No need to tap on the headset or worry about which button you are pushing.  Just grab the control and slide the button.

I like the fact that the headset is usable without the mic.  If you don’t always like to have a mic in your face, you can pull off the mic and use these as just a headphone.

The Sound

I am very impressed with the sound coming out of the Recon 50 headset.  Although these are only stereo headsets, they have a great soundscape.  I’d have to say that Turtle Beach has come a long way with these 40mm drivers.

I put in a few of my tunes and didn’t hear any huge problems.  The highs were clear as well as the midrange.  The bass was good too.  I’m not one to shake my teeth with the bass volume so I found the bass adequate.

As for in-game sound, I was able to pick up my buddy sneaking up on me but I could only tell he was on my right. This is a problem with stereo sound and not with the headset. These are only stereo.

Overall, these are very nice from the sound perspective.

Final Thoughts

Overall this Turtle Beach Recon 50 Review should have given you a pretty good idea that I really like this headset.   The sound is very nice for a low-cost headset.  I’m a bit dubious about the choice of materials but the build seems to be well thought out.

It remains to be seen how well they hold up.  I will probably purchase another set since they are less than $40 bucks. The next generation should be well worth a look too.


Turtle Beach Recon 50

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50

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