Turtle Beach Recon 50 Review

Turtle Beach Recon 50I picked up a Turtle Beach Recon 50 to see if a low-cost stripped down headset could be worthwhile. Even though this headset only has 40mm drivers, the sound is very impressive.

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Turtle Beach Z11 Review

This headset is the economy model of the Turtle Beach line. With that said, the build quality is quite good. The sound is good, the large 50mm earcups fit nicely …

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Turtle Beach XLa Review

The base model of the turtle beach headset line is the XLa headset. There are certain features that are available with this headset to make it a very good economy option for your gaming. This

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Turtle Beach X12 Review

When you’re getting a videogame you’re not just buying the game, you’re buying the gaming experience. Part of the experience is the sound of the game.

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Ear Force X42 Gaming Headset Review

This headset has everything that the X41 was missing. The directional speakers are awesome and the chat boost makes sure you can be heard over the game. The 5Gig WiFi means that all the cracks and pops are gone for absolutely clear sound.