SteelSeries H Wireless Headset Review

SteelSeries H Wireless Headset
Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: September 8, 2014

Rating: Steel Series Siberia v2 Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia v2 Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia v2 Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia v2 Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia v2 Headset Rating (4.5 / 5)


I just got a Siberia H Wireless Headset .  This is hands down the best wireless headset that I have tried. Yes, it is very pricey coming in just under $300.00 but it is worth every penny. I like the fit, I like the retractable mic, I like the hot swappable battery.  The sound is amazing.  And, it has functional Dolby© 7.1 surround.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.


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The Build

I think the SteelSeries H Wireless looks really nice out of the box.  An overall Black matt finish with just a couple of Orange accents.

Comfort level is good, I wouldn’t say it is in at the top, but I’m able to wear it for long gaming sessions with out any discomfort.  The Ear Cups are well sized for my earflaps and the total seal keeps out the outside noise quite well.  The extra padding on the top headpiece is nice too.

A couple of nice features are hidden under the Ear Cup covers.  On the left is a hot-swappable battery.  Since the H Wireless Headset comes with 2 batteries, there is always one on standby.  Downtime to pop the new battery in is minimal.  This is a major problem with other headsets and having a replacement battery always at the ready solves the recharging problem nicely.

Under the Right Ear Cup are a couple of ports, one to install software updates and another to plug in another headset.  If you are sharing music or have a multi-player game going, this can come in handy.  Better would be to hook up two headsets to the same sending unit but this is an OK solution.

The Ear Cups twist so that you can lay them flat on your shoulders.  They don’t disassemble for travel though.

The controls on the headset are minimal.  Just an on-off/mute button and a volume wheel.  The Volume wheel does respond with very little movement though.  There are some I’ve tested that take forever to get a volume change.

The transmitter has all the bells and whistles on it with 6 preset sound fields and an equalizer in case you don’t like any of them.  These can be set to be tweeked from the volume wheel.

One issue that pops up with a lot of wireless headsets is the range.  how far can you get from the transmitter before they start to fade and drop.  These are spec’d out at 21m.  60 freekin’ feet.  I don’t know about you but I can let the dogs out, hit the can and even almost make it to the mailbox before I have issues with these.  Of course, a quick trip to the ‘fridge for a fresh Dew just isn’t a problem.

The other issue that comes up when you are talking about Wireless Headsets is delay.  Latency with these is set to <16 ms.  Can you hear this, well, I couldn’t.  There wasn’t any delay that I could tell.  No One in the guild had any issues with it either, so I guess <16ms is one of those numbers that just doesn’t matter all that much.  Yeah, there is a  delay but if it isn’t significant, who cares.

The Mic

They got the mic right on this one.  Other versions from SteelSeries have had issues with the mic but this one works.  Its retractable into the left earcup so if you’re not using it, you can tuck it away out of sight.  No need for a place to put it just push it out of the way.

There is a nice mute feature with this too.  A red glow indicates when its muted, a quick tap of the power button mutes and unmutes.

I probably should mention the ChatMix and LiveMix features here.  ChatMix allows you to adjust the volume of the chat, LiveMix adjusts it for you to optimize the chat sound as the game volume changes.  LiveMix seems to work well enough that I left it on.

The Sound

Overall I like the sound that comes out of these Cans.  The mid and highs are nice and clear.  The bass sounds good although for some it can be a bit underpowered.  I think they went with quality vs. quantity on this headset.  Great response and quality sound is what you get with these.  They aren’t for the audiophile but they certainly come closer than any other gaming headset that I’ve tried.

The Bass leaves a bit to be desired, there aren’t any body thumping hits from these but in general, they perform adequately.  The volume is lacking a bit too.  Here again, I expect that quality vs. quantity won out.  A couple of the guys wanted to turn them up a bit more.  I found that I was only going about 3/4 volume most of the time anyway.  Its a personal thing.

 7.1 Surround

I tested these in a true 7.1 sound enabled movie.  They worked!  Yeah, had to grab the kids copy of Frozen and toss it in the Blue Ray since I didn’t have anything else that was truly 7.1 enabled.  These seemed to perform well in that environment.

For gaming, I haven’t been able to find a game that touts 7.1 surround.  Lots are available with 5.1 and this headset did a nice job with the separation.  Since its simulated 7.1 in any event, the separation appears to work really well in a surround sound environment.  True 7.1?  The jury’s still out.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, get these!

I think that SteelSeries has done a great job with these, the sound quality is top of the line.  I’d say they went for quality sound over quantity sound.  If you like to feel your bass deep in the pit of your stomach and need volume in the louder than comfortable range, these don’t fit the bill.  If you are after a great gaming experience, serious surround sound capacity and over the top sound audio quality, then these are probably right up your alley.

The biggest plus is the 20 hour battery life and hot-swappable batteries.  If you are into marathon sessions, these are just the ticket. Every other wireless headset I’ve tried falls short either on battery life or requires that you hook up to a cable for recharging.

I’d say their market demographic is a bit on the older gamer crowd since they went for quality sound and a reasonable top volume over booming bass and high volume.  If you fall into that category, you won’t be disappointed.


SteelSeries H Wireless Headset

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