SteelSeries Siberia EliteSteel Series Siberia Elite Review

Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: October 6, 2014

Rating: Steel Series Siberia Elite Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia Elite Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia Elite Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia Elite Headset RatingSteel Series Siberia Elite Headset Rating (4.5 / 5)


I was able to check out a SteelSeries Siberia Elite the other day.  Having just come off a review of the EarForce Z11 I was impressed, to say the least. So I had to go back and listen to both the Razer  Kraken and the Siberia V2 to try to get a reasonable comparative sample.  Apples to Apples.

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The Build

The Siberia Elite takes the Siberia V2 to the next level.  The giant ear cushions look a bit ridiculous but they are comfortable to the extreme.  Its like having your ears surrounded by marshmallows.  The sound inside the cushions is pushed by 50mm drivers.  These not only provide a greater driving force but have an amazing sound experience.  These really are elite from the sound produced.  The V2s sound good but are just passable in comparison to the Elite.

The suspension system is still strange compared to the other headsets out there but they do give this headset a nice structure to mount everything.  Powder coated means they won’t chip and the Stainless Steel underneath means there will never be rust creeping out from below.  The padded headband fits comfortably and takes the weight off your ears well.  All in all, the fit has been well thought out and is very comfortable for long sessions in game.

The mic slides out from the left earcup and is adjustable to any position you like.  Slides back in easily too.  The addition of a mic mute indicator is something that I was hoping for.  It is well placed and easy to use.

One nice feature that has no real purpose (but it looks pretty cool)are the leds in the earcups. 256 million colors pretty much covers everything you need to see.  The software can control the settings for the color display so you can customize the look to your taste.  Of course, you are not able to see the changes but if you want to impress the crowd, this should give you some cred.


Inside the Box

Inside the box, you get the headset with its attached cord that ends in a USB port, two adapter cables, one with a single plug end for connection to your mobile device, the second, with 2 plugs to connect directly to the PC.  There is an included amplifier that connects to your computer via USB and a USB extension cable.

The Mic

The microphone is unidirectional so it eliminates most of the ambient noise around you.  It sounds really nice.  I haven’t had any complaints from the guys that it drops or sounds crappy. It is comparable to the Siberia V2 but does have a bit more noise suppression.  Not a huge step up but a nice improvement.

It stores inside the left earcup when not in use and pulls out easily when you are ready to go.  Just bend it into the position you want and you are good to go.

The Sound

The sound with these is crisp and clear, the bass although not overly loud is more than adequate.  The highs are sharp, the mids are clean.  I don’t have much bad to say about the sound out of these.

I noticed in the specs that the range of these is 16 to 28 kHz.  Normal human hearing is 20Hz to 20 kHz. So this headset actually delivers sound outside of the range that you can hear.  SteelSeries has added an additional 2 Hz to the bottom range to enhance the bass feel.  Want booming bass how about the kind you hear in your belly that is what low frequencies deliver.  What about a feeling of unease, this can be especially effective in game.  The ultrasonics produce this effect.  So if you want a visceral experience, a headset with expanded ranges will deliver.

On top of the expanded range are the 50mm drivers.  These are sealed inside the fluffy earcups and produce an amazing set of harmonics giving a full and satisfying soundscape.  The enhancement is quite noticeable.

7.1 Surround

I was surprised that this worked as well as it did.  Without the Steel Series software, I was able to get a bit of separation with this headset.  When I installed the software the soundscape changed radically.  While this is synthesized directional sound, it works really, really well.

Some of the other headsets I have tried, with synthesized 7.1 surround sound have been OK.  A couple with hardwired drivers and weighing in at a whopping 2.5 pounds were very very nice.  This set, coming in at under a pound had me almost turning my head to see people creeping up on me from behind.

You won’t find a better synthesized 7.1 on the market.

 Final Thoughts

This is the best headset that I have tried in its price range.  The headset is comfortable with large earcups and a comfortable fit.  Well designed to hold up to gaming these are some major cans.  The enhancements over the Siberia V2 are very well done and for the price, these are worth every penny.

Steel Series Siberia Elite

SteelSeries Siberia Elite

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