Sennheiser U320 Review

Sennheiser U320 Headset
Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: July 3, 2014

Rating: Sennheiser U320 Review RatingSennheiser U320 Review RatingSennheiser U320 Review RatingSennheiser U320 Review RatingSennheiser U320 Review Rating (3.5 / 5)

Sennheiser U320 is billed as a gaming headset and it has a few things going for it. The sound out of this headset is absolutely amazing. I would expect nothing less from Sennheiser as they are first and foremost an audio company. When it comes to creating a headset experience for gaming. It leaves a bit to be desired.

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The Build

This headset is a basic over the ear model and has a spring-loaded headband that is connected to two ear cups. Sennheiser calls this the Circleflex. Ear cups swivel a bit allow the ear cups to sit flat against your head. They also have a nice flexible, comfortable padding that makes these comfortable for the long haul. Although the headband is padded I found it to be a bit uncomfortable after a long session.

Sennheiser has trademarked what they call Circleflex. This flex allows the headset to expand and contract for various head sizesand the ear cups have some play so that they fit pretty much anyone’s head. I found that the top of the ear cups didn’t really fit my head very well, but I wear glasses so having a loose fit at the top of the ear cups was actually a good thing for me.

The ear cups themselves fit nicely over my ears.  I got the extra-large version as I have extra-large ears.  The padding on the ear cups is a soft foam material and is classified as an open headset.  This helps with two things, your ears won’t get sweaty after a long session and you can hear what’s going on around if you really want to.  As for the noise isolation, the’re pretty good in most cases, but again the’re an open headset so they don’t isolate you completely.  There also vents in the side of the ear cups to allow your ears to breathe and to keep the sweating down.

This is a wired headset, with ample cable length. You may find the cables are too long, unless you’re connected to a PS4. In the case of a PS4, you’ll probably find the cable length to be about 2 feet short. There’s a volume box for both the game sound and chat sound. I found that the cables are a little bit fragile.  After about six months with these headsets one of the wires in the ear cup came loose.  I actually had to dismantle it and resolder the connections.

The U320 really shines if you use multiple gaming consoles. It can be connected to all four of the various console systems as well as a PC via the USB port.

Inside the Box

When you open the box of the Sennheiser U320 you first have the back card that gives you details on the headset. Right behind this you will find the quickstart guide and instruction manual.  This gives the details on how to connect the headset to various consoles or your PC or TV.  Also included are the instruction on how to use the remote connected to the cable.

Two additional cables are included.  The first is the voice chat cable that you’ll need to connect to your Xbox controller.  The second cable is universal and gives you the game audio from your TV.

The other item in the box is the headset itself with the connected cable and remote attached to the cable.

The Mic

Microphone for the Sennheiser U320 is permanently attached to the left ear cup. It’s somewhat flexible and has noise canceling features, so you’ll find the typing and background noises nicely eliminated.

The boom is somewhat flexible, so you can adjust it a bit. It pivots on the earcup and when it is up, the mic automatically mutes.

The voice clarity that this microphone produces is very nice. I would expect nothing less from Sennheiser as they were an audio company first and have been producing audio equipment for professional sound for a long time.

The Sound

If you’re looking for good sound Sennheiser’s deliver on this feature. The Heiser nice and crisp and clear, the mids are just amazing, and there’s some really great bass.

Sennheiser also gives you a bass boost switch on the remote. If you find you want really booming bass. I found this to be a little bit over-the-top as the normal base is perfectly adequate. If you want really exceptional bass, and when you want to hear your tanks or enjoy the sound of a monstrous explosion, then you might want to turn this feature on. It’s accessed from a sliding button on the remote.

The clarity of the sound is the kind of thing that you would expect from a high-end audiophile headset. So if you like listening to music, as well as gaming, this is probably the right headset for you.

Final Thoughts

While the sound of the Sennheiser U320 is amazing. The build is somewhat lacking. If Sennheiser spent a little more time engineering the headset, they would have a much better product. In this price range, you probably won’t find better sound. But you will find better headsets.
I give this a rating of 3.5/5.

Sennheiser U320

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