Sades SA-708 Review

Sades SA-708 Headset
Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: December 8, 2014

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I saw the Sades SA-708 Stereo Gaming Headphones/Headset with Microphone listed in Amazon as the number 2 most popular headset so I had to order one just to see what the hype was about.  I guess the price is the main selling point for these.  I was very disappointed .  If you are thinking about grabbing yourself a set I would recommend that you read through the Sades SA-708 review just to save yourself the grief.


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 Inside the Box

Well, not really a box.  The set I got was well wrapped in bubble wrap.  It came in an envelope with a headset all wrapped up.  Once I pulled off all the wrapping, I found a headset with attached cord and an inline volume box with an on off switch for the mic.  I guess for $17 you can’t expect much.

They did include a bunch of branding stickers.  Not sure where I would want to put these as there is a nice logo on each earcup.  Maybe stick them on a notebook somewhere.  Hmmm, my kid likes stickers, not overly discerning about them either.

The Build

The build on this seemed to be OK, for the price.  Its a plastic headset,  the earcups are small. While it is a closed design, there is no way that this will fit over most ears.  It will sit on top of your ears.  There is padding on these but it is very firm and doesn’t provide much comfort.  A far cry from the luxurious feel of the last set that I tried.  UGH.

The headband seems to be well padded.

I found the fit to be a bit tight.  As poorly made as these are I expect that will loosen up over time.  After an hour my glasses were getting in the way and I developed a hotspot on my ears. Not something conducive to long hours at the console.

The Mic

The mic on the SA-708 was another disappointment.  It flips up out of the way but doesn’t include a mute function when it is up.  To get the mute you will need to turn off the mic on the inline controls.  Sound was absolute crap.  It did pick up everything I said.  This was at such a low volume I might as well been talking to myself.  There is not a hint of sound cancelling.  It did a really nice job picking up all the background noise.

The Sound

Yet another disappointment was the sound quality of this headset.  If I were the manufacturer of this headset I would be embarrassed to put my company brand on them.  The highs were tinny, the mids muddy and there was nothing special about the bass.  The volume control at full volume caused the sound to break up.  Just a really poor experience overall.

Final Thoughts

Save your money.  There is no possible reason to purchase this headset.  After 2 days, the left headset dropped out.  I opened them up to see what the problem was and found the wire hanging inside.  It looks like the wiring connection was a cold solder joint.  I touched it up and everything worked again but I wasn’t able to get them back together completely.  Overall this is the worst headset I have ever purchased.

I would recommend that you spend just a couple of bucks more and grab the Turtle Beach XL1, you will much happier with the headset.
Sades SA-708 Headset

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