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Razer Kraken Pro Review

Review Author:Craig H Review Date: June 2, 2014

Rating: Razer Kraken Pro RatingRazer Kraken Pro RatingRazer Kraken Pro RatingRazer Kraken Pro RatingRazer Kraken Pro Rating (4.0 / 5)

Summary: As a nice basic unit the Razer Kraken Pro delivers.  There are no bells and whistles you can’t set up directional cues as with some of the higher end headsets but the sound is awesome, the headset fits comfortably and is lightweight.  The ear cushions are comfortable after a break-in period and the price is right.

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Wired for sound

The Razer Kraken Pro headset is a basic entry level set of cans that will give you a good bang for the buck.  The bass is mindbending right out of the box, the set-up is simple and easy, plug and go. This is a wired headset available in 2 colors you can get the high visibility Neon green with black accents or the grown-up version that comes in black with Neon green accents.  Both are constructed well and will stand up to some serious abuse.



40 mm Neodymium magnets provide a frequency response from 20- 20,000 Hz.  If it doesn’t reach your ears, you aren’t supposed to hear it. As far as sound quality goes, the bass is awesome and pronounced.  The highs are clear and crisp.  The midranges can be a bit muddy but these headsets are designed with gamers in mind.  You get amazing in game sound. These headsets are billed as “the most comfortable headsets ever” and they do have a leg up on the competition.  The best, well probably not, but they are very comfortable.  The weight is just over a half pound (.65 lb) and the earcups are generous coming in just under 2 inches.  The cups are made of a memory foam padding so will need to be broken in to reach maximum comfort level.  Expect your first session with these to be a bit uncomfortable but they do remember so the next time you are good to go. Cables are adequate.  The main cable is 4 feet plus a bit, and has a 3.5mm connector that handles both the sound and mic.  There is a 6 1/2 foot splitter cable that comes with it to give you a good 10 feet of cable if you need it.  Plugging in to the PS3 or PS4 goes right into the controller so you’ll find plenty of cable for that. One nice feature, they fold up really nice when heading out for a night with the guys, just twist and go.  They are strong enough for some abuse.  After 3 months of regular use, mine are still like new.  No need to coddle these.


The retractable mic has a great pickup.  It doesn’t have a pop shield so you might find a bit of distortion there but mostly its pretty good.  I found that background noise bleeds through at times.  Not usually a problem unless someone is screaming in the next room.  Hey, we all have to live with stuff like that. I did find that the retractable feature is a bit of a pain.  The end of the mic is hard to grab to pull out so you might want to leave it out just a bit when you fold up the headset to pack them for travelling.


No problems connecting to any of the platforms out there.  They work just as well with a PS4 or Xbox both the 360 and One boxes.  They were originally designed for PC gaming so they excel with PC’s but the standard connection makes them compatible with all the platforms.


  • Good entry level set.  Awesome bass and high range.
  • Light weight and comfortable.
  • Plug and play.
  • Awesome Bass.


  • No directionality
  • Mid range a bit muddy
  • Retractable mic is a pain
  • No controls, volume, mix must be set in software.

Final Word

A great entry level headset. It delivers in the comfort department. It is plug and play, but any customization needs to be done in the software. If you are looking for a good basic headset that will get the job done and give you a good gaming experience, this is a good choice.  If you want to be competitive and know where people are attacking from, you would be better off with the Razer Kraken 7.1 or the Razer Tiamat 7.1

Razer Kraken Pro.

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