Razer BlackShark ReviewRazer BlackShark Battlefield 4

Review Author: Craig H

Review Date: Aug 16, 2014

Rating: BlackShark RatingBlackShark RatingBlackShark RatingBlackShark RatingBlackShark Rating (3.0 / 5)

Summary: The Razer BlackShark line of headsets come in a couple of styles, Expert 2.0 and the  Battlefield 4.  The professional aviator styling is impressive as is the metallic build. I liked the blue metallic earcups and Orange cable of the Battlefield for so I checked them out.  I was completely underwhelmed.  While the Bass is superb, the mids and high ranges were disappointing at best. The headset is on the heavy side as would be expected with a rugged metal build.

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Razer BlackShark Details

Dimensions: Powerful 40mm diameter speakers with neodymium magnets Razer BlackShark Expert 2.0
Features: The BlackShark headset provides a standard stereo output it has an enhanced bass that will rock your socks off.  The over-ear earcups are well padded and give good isolation from room noise.  The mic can be removed and a small plug installed to protect the port it will also flip up out of the way if desired.
Connection: Standard 3.5 mm connector jack with an auxiliary audio/mic splitter cable.
Functions: Stereo sound, wired  bluetooth not available.
Compatability: PC

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What’s Awesome:

  • The aviator styling pulled from attack helicopter pilots looks really impressive!
  • The headset’s booming bass will provide you with all the in-game action that you want from a good quality headset.
  • The mic has good unidirectional performance.  Clear voice pick-up and noise cancelling that actually works.
  • The well cushioned earpieces give comfort for long sessions.

What Sucks:

  • The BlackShark headset is heavy and fits tight on your head.
  • The earcups are not ventilated so you will probably have sweaty ears after long sessions with these.
  • These headsets have a tendency to capture your hair.  You may need to get a military cut to keep the hair on your head.
  • No inline amp that provides volume and mute.

The Bottom Line:

I liked the sound from these, for Gaming.  The highs and mids underperform for listening to quality music.  They do what they were designed to do, give you good gaming sound. I had no issues with the mic.  It grabbed the sound nicely, had a pop filter and could be moved out of the way when not in use, even removed if necessary.

In this price range, it is just adequate.  It seems to me that there are much better headsets available in this price range.  If you like the cool styling of an aviator headset and are more into impressing people with the looks, this is probably the headset for you.  If you are into a quality gaming experience, at an affordable price, you are better off looking at another option.

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