Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset | Dolby 7.1 Technology

Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: August 2, 2014

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I recently had the opportunity to try it Logitech G430 surround sound gaming headset. This headset says that it has Dolby 7.1 technology. I really wanted to enjoy this headset. I reviewed a few turtle beach headsets, that are wired and have a DSS2 amplifier. This puts out 7.1 Dolby, so I had a reference to evaluate this Dolby 7.1 technology.

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Logitech G430

When I opened the box was met with a nice blue-black headset looked really sharp. Ear cups were covered with a cloth cover which appears to be removable and washable. That’s really nice. I put them on my head and they felt pretty tight the cushioning was pretty good but not as soft as others that I’ve tried. After a couple of hours on my head, I was sporting a nasty headache from the tightness of the fit. They did get a bit better as I wore them longer and after about a week it was tolerable. The cushioning is still subpar in my estimation.


The cable with this G430 headset is 8 feet long and is braided. It looks like it will hold up to some abuse. It comes with a Velcro tie so you can Corlett shorten it. If you need to. The cable ends in 3.5 mm jacks and has a USB adapter for those that are addicted to ports. The microphone as a little bit of adjustment and does flip up out of the way it doesn’t automatically mute though. The amplifier and controls are in-line and control the volume and the mute for the microphone.

G430 Drivers

The audio drivers in the ear cups are 40 mm, so although they’re not the biggest on the market. They are good size and give good output. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, so these are about comparable with everything else on the market. Microphone is unidirectional, response to 15 to 20 kHz and has noise cancellation. I found that the noise cancellation feature was horrendous.


When the microphone works, it works pretty well. In game, I experienced a lot of dropping out. I think this is the noise cancellation feature. It may have been a threshold setting, so that when I was talking too quietly it thought I was background noise. Seriously frustrating.  There isn’t much use to having a headset if the microphone isn’t reliable.

Logitech Software

The Logitech G-series gaming software installs pretty easily. When you first open it up, it shows you volume levels for the headset and microphone. It allows you to adjust the bass and treble. In the right hand corner is a button that allows you open the advanced equalizer control panel. To use the advanced equalizer settings you need to turn on the power button upper right of the advanced equalizer. Adjusting the advanced equalizer settings will automatically change the preamp settings, you can’t adjust the preamp on its own.

Jumping over to the surround sound mixer, first you have to enable the surround sound with the button in the lower left-hand corner. Once you haven it turned on, you can adjust the individual speakers by clicking the up and down arrows for each surround sound location. Under the window is a test surround sound button. This will output tones from each speaker so that you can tell if it’s to your liking. If you make your adjustments while the test is being run, you can hear the changes in real-time.

I found that this software seems to conflict with the settings on my PC. It jumps back and forth from stereo sound to the surround sound, and then back again. It didn’t seem to work very reliably at all. If you have the same problem you need to go  to the enhancements settings and select speaker fill after you select of the G430 as the sound source.

G430 Surround Sound

Once I had the software set up, the surround sound seem to work very nicely.  I was pretty impressed with the sound even at high-volume.  There was no clipping of the highs and the bass is really nice.  As far as separation with the surround sound, I thought it was good but it didn’t seem to be much improvement over the 5.1 headsets that I’ve heard in the past.

 Final Word

From a sound standpoint this headset, the Logitech G430, is a pretty nice headset. If you are only after the sound then I would get this headset. If you want a completely rounded headset that has a good microphone and supporting software that works reliably, I would go somewhere else. The tight fit, and poorly cushioned ear cups and the microphone that works once in a while, just makes this headset worth passing up.

If you really want the Dolby 7.1 surround sound, I would recommend one of the turtle beach units that use a DSS2 amplifier such as the DPX21 or that the DX12.

Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

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