Kingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
Review Author:Craig H

Review Date: December 3, 2014

Rating: Kingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset RatingKingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset RatingKingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset RatingKingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset RatingKingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming HeadsetRating (4.5 / 5)


I had the opportunity to review the Kingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset this week and found it to be one of the most comfortable headsets that I have tried in a long while.  I was also quite impressed with the sound this headset provides.  Is it the best?  Well, there are a few issues but it is by far better than most.

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 Inside the Box

I was impressed when I opened the box on this one.  The headset was nestled down in form fitting foam, it appears that some good attention was paid to the packaging.

In the center is the headset with its attached wires, one for the mic and one for the inputs to the headset.  The microphone sits detached in its own little recess.  In the upper Right an adapter for use on an airplane is tucked into its own little recess ( a nice bonus feature). Inside a drawer in the bottom of the box is an adapter that takes the dual wires and outputs a single connector for connections to the Xbox and PS4.You will still need  to buy the separate Xbox One adapter if you are plugging in to the Xbox Controller.

There is a cable that connects the dual connections to an inline volume and mute switch box.  There is also an additional two wire extension cable in the box.  With the 1 meter cables coming from the headset and the 1 meter extension, you can sit a comfortable distance from your console. There is a nice mesh bag to carry everything in if you are going on the road.  Another nice little bonus.

The Build

I like the way this Kingston Technologies HyperX is put together.  This is an aluminum build overall.  The headband has a nice aluminum undercarriage covered with what appears to be real leather.  The Earcups have a replaceable cover and ship with a leather covering but can be switched out with a set of velour coverings if you like.  These are included in the package.

The earcups have a nice brushed aluminum detail with a very attractive Red HyperX logo.  The brushed aluminum is quite resistant to the inevitable fingerprints.  A welcome change.

The padding in the earcups are the best that I have worn in a very long time.  I don’t see any problems wearing these for long gaming sessions.

The Mic

Headphones to Headset, is a breeze, the included microphone plugs into the left earcup with a pleasant little click to show its seated.  The microphone has a flexible boom and can be adjusted to just about any position you like.  The noise canceling mic has a foam cover to quiet the sibilant “s” sounds (hissing) and get rid of pops. The performance of the mic itself is pretty good.  It provides a clear sound that is understandable and limits extraneous noise quite nicely.  It does sound a bit tinny, but I expect this from a gaming headset.  In this price range, it is a pretty good solution.

The Sound

I started testing this headset by plugging it into my laptop and running COD Ghosts.  The sound was a bit soft, it sounded good, but I couldn’t get full volume out of the unit.  I checked the specs to see if there was a reason for this and noticed that the impedance was 60 Ohms.  This is considerably higher than the 32 Ohms that most gaming headsets clock in at.  OK, so we just needed some amplification.  I happened to have a DSS2 laying around so I dropped that into the connection.  Wow, did that make a huge difference.  Not only did the volume pick up but the soundscape was clear and strong.  The mids were a bit underperforming, but there was nice bass, not too overpowering, but enough of a boom to give a good visceral feel.  The highs are crisp and clear.

The  DSS2 from Turtle Beach takes a USB port to power it but it does provide full 7.1 Dolby surround, so the amplification here comes with full surround.  You could use the Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro if you like that one better.  If you connect to a PC, a dedicated Gaming sound card should provide the amplification that you need.

Final Thoughts

Overall this Kingston Technology HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review should have given you a pretty good idea that I really like this headset.  It has great sound as long as it’s connected through an amplifier. Even without amplification the sound is better than most of the headsets I’ve tried.  I think the Sennheiser’s still have a slight edge in sound quality, but this comes at a significant price differential.  The mic is good, better than most and the comfort level is top notch.  The $70 dollar price point is just a bonus.

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