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Ear Force XP400 Review

Review Author: Craig H
Review Date: August 29, 2013

Rating: Ear Force xp300 RatingEar Force xp300 RatingEar Force xp300 RatingEar Force xp300 RatingEar Force xp300 Rating (4.8 / 5)

Summary: The Ear Force XP400 is a high performance wireless gaming headset that is for the Xbox 360 and features Xbox LIVE® Chat and 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi and adds Dolby Surround Sound to the XP300 features.

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Ear Force XP400 Video Review

Ear Force XP400 Details

Dimensions: 50mm diameter speakers with neodymium magnets XP400 Headset Box
Features: Bass boost, Treble boost, Sound Field Expander, Variable Mic Monitor
XBox Connection: Digital Wireless RF carrier reception (2.4/5 GHz) Dual Band Wi-Fi
Headset Battery: Rechargeable Battery pack
Battery Duration: up to 15 hours and can be recharged while gaming
Compatability: Xbox 360 and PS3

What’s Awesome:

  • The headset’s sounds is sweet with Dolby Surround Sound with really nice audio customization features.
  • The bluetooth lets you chat and take calls without interfering with your game.
  • The chat boost limits the loud explosions so that you can hear the background better.
  • The mic boom is removable and can be replaced with
  • Comfort is high with oversized cushioned earpieces.

What Sucks:

  • The automatic audio mute can be a pain. This is a hold over from the lower models and just is troublesome.
  • The initial pairing is a bit weird, the lights blink oddly when the pairing is complete but it isn’t intuitive.

The Bottom Line:

The XP400 takes care of all the things that were wrong with the X42. The Sound Field Expander works well with the Surround Sound and the field adjustment means that you can customize the direction of the speakers.  You can actually hear people behind you.The Bluetooth connection is on two channels so there is virtually no interference with your Wi-Fi network.  The pops and crackles are gone with this version.

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