Even inexpensive gaming headsets are certainly not cheap. For that reason, many people want to have as many uses as possible for their new gaming headset.

One question that I’m frequently asked is if a gaming headset can be used with voice applications and video conferencing platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts.

The Best Headsets For Gaming And Skype – Our Top Picks

You can find all the information that you will need to get the best headsets for gaming and skype below, but we’ve put our top picks right here for you.

Have a look at some of our top picks and I’m sure that you’ll find at least one that will meet your needs for Skype as well as gaming.

Best Overall Audio Experience For Gaming And Skype –Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones And Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones, Black
If you really want to take your gaming audio experience to a whole new level while also having superior microphone quality, you need to use a set of quality headphones and combine them with a superior microphone.

Our top recommended headphones for gaming are the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones. These headphones are designed for listening to music for hours at a time, but because of their superiorly balanced audio settings they make for an incredible set of gaming headphones.

They’re specifically set up for voice and acoustics, so you can accurately detect footstep direction, gunshot direction, and fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience.

They’re designed for long-term music listening and feature large cans that fully surround your ears and a unique hinge design that helps to keep pressure off your head. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable set of headphones that you can wear for hours at a time.

Moving on to the microphone, the Blue Snowball iCE condenser microphone is a standalone USB mic that delivers superior voice recording capability while also muting out background noise.

If you plan on streaming your games anytime in the future, this microphone is an absolute must-have for audio clarity. When it comes to gaming and Skype use, you will be hard-pressed to find a better microphone for clarity and sound quality.

Best Wired Headset For Gaming And Skype – The HyperX Cloud Pro

HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset

If you’re looking for a decent sounding headset that has a good quality mic that can be tweaked a little bit, then you can’t go wrong by giving the HyperX Cloud Pro a go.

The Cloud Pro is a high-quality headset that is certified by both Discord and TeamSpeak. It’s backed by an impressive 2-year warranty that has phone support as well. I know that sounds crazy, but when was the last time that you saw a manufacturer’s phone number on an Amazon sales page?

No matter how you look at it, that’s good customer service.

This headset comes with two different sets of earpads. One set is leather and is very soft and comfortable, but they do tend to get a little hot during longer gaming sessions.

The other set of earpads are a velour material and are also very comfortable but they don’t filter out the background noise that may be in your room nearly as well. They do feel much cooler after several hours of use, however, and they breathe much better than the leather option.

As far as sound quality goes, this set sounds great on dedicated sound cards and newer desktop and laptop motherboards. On older devices, however, the audio can get a bit muddy and distorted as the headset tries to pull too much power from older motherboards.

This headset also comes with multiple cords that can be swapped out to hook up the set depending on how much length you need. They also include a travel bag for easy storage while on the go.

Since it’s made of aluminum, it’s sturdier than many other headsets in the same price range, but they remain light for more comfort while gaming. Many other users have said that after getting used to the headset, they can even tell that they’re wearing them.

Microphone quality is pretty good with this set, but it does sometimes suffer when being used on laptops due to the headset trying to pull too much power from older laptop audio jacks.

All things considered, this headset delivers audio and microphone quality that is typically found in the $150 range for about half the price. Kingston has delivered a great product at a very reasonable price in this set.

Best Wireless Headset For Gaming And Skype – The Logitech G533

If you’re looking for a superior audio experience for gaming and Skype, then you really don’t want to go with a wireless headset.

However, if having the convenience of not being tethered to your computer is your biggest concern, then you don’t have to break the bank to get a good wireless headset with a decent mic. This is where the Logitech G533 comes into play.

Logitech G533 typically costs less than $100, so it won’t break the bank for even gamers who are on a lower budget. If you’re new to wireless headsets, you really can’t go wrong with this one for an entry-level model.

With an impressive 15-hour battery life, the G533 offers great audio quality for gaming as well as a decent mic for use with IP voice chat and Skype calling. It also features very comfortable mesh can covers and is designed to be comfortable for hours at a time.

As far as microphone quality goes, this headset has a decent sounding noise canceling mic that does filter out quite a bit of background noise in case you are gaming in a noisier environment. While your roommate yelling in the background may still come across the mic normal background noise like fans and air conditioners do not.

One word of caution about this headset, however, is that if you’re wanting to use it with multiple gaming platforms, then this one is not going to be your best option since it only supports Windows computers.  instead, you should opt for the Logitech G933 instead as it is designed to pair with PCs and consoles.

Best Budget Headset For Gaming And Skype – The Sades A60

Sades A60

If you’re on a stricter budget but still want to have a great quality headset for PC gaming and Skype, the Sades A60 will not disappoint. It comes in right under $30 and delivers audio quality like wired USB headsets in the $50 – $60 range.

It easily connects to your computer via USB cable making installation and setup a breeze. Since it is a USB headset the microphone quality is superior to many other headsets that use a 3.5mm audio jack connector port.

As far as comfort goes, the A60 has an ample amount of padding on both the cups as well as the headband which makes it extremely comfortable especially when you consider the price.

Also, if aesthetics is your cup of tea, the A60 has a cool light up LED white logo on the sides of the headset. This headset even looks like those that you would typically pay around $60 for.

All in all, if you’re a gamer on a budget who needs a good wired set for both gaming and Skype, then you will most likely be very satisfied with this one.

Can You Use A Gaming Headset For Skype?

So long as the gaming headset you are wanting to use for Skype has standard 3.5 mm audio connections, it should work for Skype calls even if audio drivers are not available for your headset. This is because Skype will recognize your microphone and headphone connections based on your sound card rather than the headset itself.

Basically, this means that even if there are no specific drivers for your individual headset, Skype will override the settings and set the device to be used as a “default device” on your sound card. If your headset has a standard 3.5 mm connection that is connected via your soundcards headphone and microphone ports and you’re still having issues getting it to work with Skype, check to make certain inside of the Skype settings that your soundcard is the device that Skype is trying to access.

With that said, if you’re using a USB headset, it’s important to make certain that the headset is compatible with Skype before you purchase it. Normally, manufacturers will put on the packaging if a specific headset works with Skype.

Most USB headsets have individual drivers available for them from manufacturers. If you are using USB gaming headset and can’t get it to connect properly with Skype, make certain that you have updated your drivers for your headset to the most current version.

If you’ve already tried basic troubleshooting and still can’t get your gaming headset to work with Skype, you can check out the videos below for some advanced troubleshooting tutorials that will have you back up and running in no time with your gaming headset.

The Big Problem With Most Gaming Headsets And Skype
There is a big problem that occurs a lot of times when trying to use a gaming headset for Skype calls. This is the fact that most gaming headsets, especially budget gaming headsets, are designed more for audio output than for microphone quality.

This means that while you will be able to hear Skype calls very well, many people may complain that your microphone quality is very poor. Often, gaming headsets that are on the less-expensive side have poor quality microphones that will often cause your voice to sound very nasally and quiet.

Even worse, some gaming headsets do not have any kind of noise cancellation on their microphones. This causes every bit of background noise including cars driving by outside to come across to the other person on the Skype call.

As you can imagine, this can negatively impact how others view you if you are trying to have any kind of professional conversation on Skype. If you’re planning to use your gaming headset for Skype calls as well, then there are a few things that you need to consider before investing in a new headset.

How To Get The Best Gaming Headsets That Work Well With Skype

If you want to find the best gaming headsets that can double for Skype use, there are a few things that you’re going to want to take into consideration. As mentioned above, microphone quality must be at the forefront of your purchasing decision and you also need to make certain that the headset will meet your gaming needs as well.

For that reason, let’s look at some of the things that you need to be considering before making your final purchase.

Wired Or Wireless?

As I recently discussed at length in the wired or wireless post here, you need to decide just how often you’re going to be moving around your headset before deciding if you want a wired or wireless headset to use for your gaming and for Skype.

In short, if you’re concerned with microphone quality but also want to have mobility and freedom the wireless headsets offer, then you need to be prepared to make a significant investment for your headset.

As I mentioned in the other post, you can typically expect to pay $50-$75 more for a wireless headset to get the same quality that you could expect from a wired version.

If you plan on being mobile while you’re talking on Skype or you find yourself frequently having to move around your area while gaming or want the same headset to be used simultaneously for multiple devices, then you are going to want to most likely get a quality wireless headset.

On the other hand, if you plan on playing games competitively, need to have constant uptime for your headset, or audio quality is a bigger concern for you than mobility, then you’re going to most likely want to go with a wired headset or headphones and a separate microphone for the best microphone quality possible.

Business Or Pleasure

If you’re just wanting to play video games for pleasure, and have the occasional Skype phone call to communicate with friends and family members, then any headset that connects via 3.5 mm audio connections to your soundcard should do the job well enough.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on trying to live stream video games or you plan on making frequent business calls on Skype, then you really should go with a quality set of headphones and a separate microphone to ensure that you are able to get optimal microphone clarity while also having the ability to hear sounds privately and with optimal clarity.

Remember That You Can Always Upgrade Later

If you’re wanting to use your gaming headset for Skype calls, it’s important that you remember that you can always upgrade your device later down the road.

If you find yourself strapped for cash now and trying to get the best gaming gear on a budget, instead of trying to use the poor-quality microphone that is on your headset, you may be better off simply using the microphone available on your Webcam instead.

If neither device offers a decent audio experience, another option to get started on a budget is to invest in a very low-cost microphone that is separate from your headset. You can normally pick these up for $10-$20 and have a much better audio experience for your Skype calls then you would on your budget gaming headset.

Later, you can invest a little bit more money into getting a higher quality gaming headset that has a better microphone or investing in a good quality microphone that is separate from your headset to have the clearest possible audio for Skype and live game streaming.

What Is More Important To You?

If you’re a gamer who needs to have a headset to game as well as having a quality microphone for Skype calls and you don’t currently have the budget to afford one of the higher end gaming headsets on the market, then you may want to stop and think about what the more important activity is for your headset use.

If it’s more important for you to be able to communicate clearly on Skype but you also want to be able to use your headset for basic casual gaming, then you may want to consider opting for a headset that is designed for Skype rather than for gaming.

While the audio experience on many of these headsets is very lackluster and you won’t be able to hear things such as footsteps very clearly, these headsets do typically have much higher quality microphones than those that are created for gaming with microphone quality being a secondary concern.

It really comes down to what is more important for your needs as you can certainly get a high-quality microphone in many headsets that are created for Skype but do not have the audio settings specifically tuned for gaming.

For casual gamers, these kinds of business headsets will more than suffice for being able to keep you in touch with your fellow gamers while also giving you a high level of microphone quality when you’re trying to talk to others.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see from the information above, most gaming headsets will work on a basic level with calls on platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts

When you are considering what headset to purchase to use for your gaming as well as Skype calls, make certain that you put microphones ahead of audio quality. If you’re still on the fence about which headset to choose, you can head over to our top recommended headsets page for more information about which ones offer the best microphones for clearer communications.