Many gaming headsets can be a bit on the expensive side. The Astro A40 is no exception to this but with all of its features and rave reviews all over the Internet many users want to know are Astro A40s worth it?

Ease of Setup

First, it should be noted that the Astro A40 is one of the easiest headsets to hook up to all of your gaming devices. With its optical cable or USB installation options, it is not only a viable option for PS3/PS4 but also for Xbox 360/Xbox One as well as PC. That can be a major impact on the  $150 price point as one headset can be used for all of your gaming devices.

Quality of Sound

Second, the Astro A40 has a surround sound system built in that is very hard to beat. Rocking in with a 7.1 synthesized system, not only will you hear your enemies long before you see them in competitive gaming, but you will also know exactly which direction they are coming from. This definitely puts you at an advantage as you will know where your enemies are coming from long before they are able to even know where you are.


Another valid point that needs to be made about the Astro A40 is that it’s comfortable. While yes, there are many other headsets in the same price point which are much more comfortable, after hours of pwnage you will certainly not have a headache. In all honesty, it is a very comfortable headset to wear for hours at a time, making it ideal for those long gaming sessions.

Who Uses Astro Headsets?

There is a reason that if you pay attention to many professional gamers playing at MLG tournaments you will notice that most of them are wearing Astro gaming headsets. For competitive play, it is difficult to surpass the Astro lines abilities and this certainly holds true with the A40 lineup. Thus, Astro headsets are certainly worth the investment in my opinion. As the expression goes, “You get what you pay for.” This is certainly true when it comes to gaming headsets, and the Astro line is one of the best out there.

Closing Thoughts

What are your thoughts about the Astro A40 gaming headset line? Is it something that is on your wish list for the near future? Please feel free to take a moment and post your thoughts or comments below, and as always, good luck smiting your enemies.

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