Dude! Sweet Headset!

OK, so I am a gamer.. I admit it.
And being in my 50’s, I tend to keep it to myself with the exception of my online buddies.

But I love my Gaming headset so much, I wanted to share with anyone interested in hearing about them.

But that’s enough about me.. let’s learn more about the Gaming Headsets available.

Turtle Beach Systems was founded in 1985 and was originally started as a music sampling software company. Since ’85, they have created a variety of different music hardware elements including sound cards for PC’s and Internet audio receivers.

Just recently they have jumped into the headset industry and in my opinion, they have done an awesome job thus far!

The above info didn’t come directly from me, I have to give credit  to Wikipedia and their Turtle Beach Systems page.

While I am a big fan of Turtle Beach, I know that some of us like to use other headsets as well.  I’m doing my best to try out the various models.

Let me know how you feel.