PS4 Compatibility

Many gamers wonderer exactly which headsets will work on the PS4 straight out of the box. Here are the top three headsets that will work for the new PS4 right with no modifications needed.
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Ear Force XP510

The XP 510 is a quantum leap from the early headsets.  This high-end gaming headset has just about everything that you might want. In this Turtle Beach XP510 review, I’ll cover the features…
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Razer Kracken Pro

As a nice basic unit the Razer Kraken Pro delivers.  There are no bells and whistles you can’t set up directional cues as with some of the higher end headsets but the sound is awesome
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Logitech G930

If you are into PC gaming. This Logitech G930 review will help you decide if this is the right headset for you. There are several things this headset has going for it.
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COD Ghosts Headsets

There is no denying that the Call of Duty franchise is by far one of the best FPS games to ever hit the genre. With that said, the iconic look of the new Ghosts logos and colors
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Steel Series Siberia Elite Review

  Steel Series Siberia Elite Review Review Author:Craig H Review Date: October 6, 2014 Rating: (5 / 5) Summary:  I was able to check out a SteelSeries Siberia Elite the other day.  Having just come off a review of the EarForce Z11 I was impressed to say the...

Turtle Beach Z11 Review

>This headset is the economy model of the Turtle Beach line. With that said, the build quality is quite good. The sound is good, the large 50mm earcups fit nicely …

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